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FIT | TestSpec Consistent, Repeatable Testing.

FIT | TestSpec is an integrated FIT module which can be used to design and manage your complete testing process. TestSpec offers a quick and efficient, cost effective method to keep track of Test Cases, their execution and progress reports. TestSpec must be used in conjunction with FIT | BugTrack as a module add-on.

FIT | TestSpec Overview
Comprehensive Test Case ManagementDefect IntegrationWeb-Based Access:Flexible Customization
FIT | TestSpec enables you to create, manage, analyze, and re-use your test cases in a central repository improving standardization and efficiency.
FIT | TestSpec is a module of FIT | BugTrack which integrates the testing process with defect tracking and source control. Full details of defect history and progress is available during the testing process and defects can be generated right from test executions. TestSpec must be used in conjunction with BugTrack to operate.
FIT | TestSpec offers a convenient and easy to use web interface which is available in real time from anywhere.
Custom fields, reports, layout options and branding allow you to customize FIT | Testspec to work the way your team does.
FIT | TestSpec Details

FIT | TestSpec offers a quick and efficient, cost effective method to keep track of Test Cases and their execution.This method ensures consistency and repeatability between test runs regardless of who is doing the testing and when the test is being run. FIT | TestSpec eliminates the need for bulky and cumbersome spreadsheets or word documents being passed from person to person in order to track Test Case definitions and executions. All data is stored in a central repository that is available to all users in a real-time environment.

FIT | TestSpec is a test case management tool that controls and documents the test specification process. FIT | TestSpec allows you to define independent sets of test cases for each individual project and then documents the results of test runs from the test team. This gives you an accurate and up to date repository of information which is stored on a central server and available to all appropriate users. In addition, this module is built on top of the bugtracking solution, FIT Tracking Solution’s web-based defect tracking tool. This combines the test specification process together with FIT Tracking Solution’s proven defect management process for a comprehensive testing and quality assurance package.

The test execution process is broken down into test cases for each project. Each test case is then broken down further into test steps which are executed as Test Runs. As a tester creates and activates a test run, they can step through the test cases and input the results of the executions as a Test Result. These results are then stored for future reference and available to the reporting feature.

When problems are discovered during a test run, defects that are linked to specific Test Cases can be entered into the FIT defect tracking system. Once in the tracking system, the defect issue can be assigned to the appropriate user and all changes are tracked while the defect is being resolved. After entering a defect encountered during the execution of a test case, the user is returned to FIT | TestSpec so they can continue their testing. The two systems are integrated and users can toggle between the two interfaces at will.


Straight-Forward Installation

Most systems are installed in less than 5 minutes and are fully configured and operational within an hour!

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Powerful Search And Filtering Tools

Quickly allow users to access information stored in your system. Your system becomes a powerful knowledge base!

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File Attachments

Attach any type of file to an issue for reference, to share with team members or to include as support material!

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Email Tracking

Allow all communications with your users to be routed through the system, keeping submitters, assignees and other interested parties updated through email notifications.

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Report And Charting Tools

Allow managers and decision-makers to view and mesure the status of an issue or project, based on metrics defined by any default or custom fields.

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